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Relan, a mother-daughter run, WBENC certified woman-owned, small business, offers ways to repurpose and remarket your billboards and banners and to recoup your media investment and reach your target market through new channels.

Relan began in 1995 as a way to keep vinyl banners out of the landfill and using the name “Relan” meaning reinventing fashion. Using these materials, bags were created to sell primarily in boutique stores.

Today, Relan still focuses on keeping vinyl out of the landfills, but we are so much more than a bag company.  Our goal is to help our clients promote sustainability to their customers and stakeholders through the repurposing/upcycling of their billboards and banners into unique, one-of-a-kind, branded products. Products that customers, employees and stakeholders value and carry around the world promoting your company’s brand and sustainability.

Our Commitment

Kids RelanRelan’s mission is to make a difference in our community and have a significant impact on sustainability for the next generation.  Our products, created from the over 600,000 tons of marketing vinyl and fabric waste, engage employees, channel partners and consumers with the brand and the organization’s commitment to future generations. We educate our clients on the brand value of upcycling their own waste stream created from their own marketing materials and the benefits to their brand loyalty and the bottom line.  Relan creates products that resonate with an organization’s employees, channel partners and consumers, such as soft-sided coolers, aprons and beverage totes for beverage manufacturers; and seat cushions, backpacks and pop-up tents for sporting event sponsors.

Our Values

Relan is committed to working with our local community.  Every item that Relan creates is cleaned, designed, cut and sewn in Minnesota using minimal water and eco-friendly soaps for cleaning.  We purchase our materials and supplies from local and US manufacturers and we are dedicated making every piece of the products with upcycled and recycled components.  Relan partners with organizations that employ the mentally and physically challenged for component assembly and cleaning. We also work with our local community for sewing which provides jobs and improves the job skills to disadvantaged segments.

The potential for keeping tons of vinyl, mesh and fabric out of the landfills is enormous. Currently, 600,000 tons of billboard and banner vinyl is manufactured each year. Fabric banners and tradeshow booths are printed and thrown away. Every festival, race, community event and  tradeshow uses thousands of square feet of vinyl banner material, billboards, fabric and mesh which is thrown into dumpsters.  The more products Relan can produce using existing materials, replacing new and imported materials, the greater impact we have.

Our Challenge To You

Organizations have an opportunity to drive brand loyalty and engage stakeholders through their sustainability commitments. By creating new branded product incentives and replacing existing imported tradeshow bags, meeting gift incentives, and trinkets, these products talk an organization’s sustainability commitment, engage stakeholders, and drive profits to the bottom line.

Don’t stay lost in the crowd any longer.  Stand out!  Join us and be part of the leaders making a difference, increasing their profits and deepening their brand loyalties!

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You will never look at a billboard or banner the same way again.

You are sustainable. . .Tell them with Relan.